Sunday, February 28, 2010

Atheists meet to save the world as we know it

The passionate meeting of religious nutbreakers in Melbourne next week would make an interesting psychological study. They want to get rid of organized religions , but seem to be acting just like them. Some questions for observers might be
What will be in evidence there for:
- confession ( " all humans seem to need a god of some kind" )
- projection (ie "takes one to know one ")
- deep reality ("God , whoever you think he/she is is not here , there or anywhere!" "we can prove it !")
- no heretical talk (God talk is banned )
- competition ("my god is better than your god")
- denial ( "I am not religiuos "; "My neighbour is not like me at all "
- fanaticism  Check out the post conference POST HERE

Amongst other things , the unbelievers are promoting the conference as a means of freeing the world from "blinkered" thinking.
Why wouldn't a less reactionary and closed framework provide a better paradigm for lateral thinking than the one that they reckon stiffles reality thinking ( the categories above) .
Worse, if the psychologists are right (we all invent gods) maybe failure to admit this reality maybe their BIG stumbling block to progress NEXT WEEK.

The Laws of Maths Physics and Chemistry

There must be more than a few wannabes just a little worried about a politician led recovery in Education . Julia Gillards announcements today
Philosphers might be wondering too about signs of giantism, let alone reactionary rather than revolutionary, or dare i use my own word, befficent ( non invasive government ) medicine
Not the least also the many good science and maths teachers who have moved alreday to church schools ( where are the stats cf Hype here )
The NTFS scheme was classic waste of money because it too was too focused on discredited paradigms of educational science in practice needs

The real disease in education hasn't been discovered by the wannbes YET - otherwise the treatment would be more befficient.