Saturday, November 27, 2010

Labor's big weakness -

Lack of value based judgement .  allowing people to do what they like - esp powerful .
Siding with The Greens means they recognise the need ( for values) but lack the judgement . The Greens are shallow in both areas ( eg like everyone to do what they like ) .which means they rise to the top of the media and children in charge grab .
Thankfully the end result on the ground of every changing directions of this game of buying into more new toys in  investment and research is obvious to the people ( Myki , outrageous water and energy disinvestment, you name it ) Brumby as a good leader still can't see that he has let the children run amok. I hope he resigns soon to remind them of what's really been happening.

Thankfully for those of us who have wanted the government to ignore the Greens and listen to the competent  on environment it appears the high water mark for Greens has arrived .