Monday, December 14, 2015

Darwin would disagree with all this folly

The wannabe gods of our world see nothing tyrannical in mandating themselves the authors of the greatest moral piece of paper in our time- President Obama clearly doesn't have any idea what a moral victory really looks like, and that’s scary.
Canute was a very practical man but even he had trouble convincing his courtiers that he was not god . Its like the woolworths chairman said . "we are not short of ideas (Malcolm and Barrack ) just people to implement them  .

Back home, Malcolm Turnbull,  in his hyperbole,  has forgotten to check whether all the millions he is to spend in the Pacific are to put up sea barriers or to stop parts of the Kiribati ledges from sinking .  Darwin would not be impressed with Liberal science . Either way our leaders are seeing visions and dreaming dreams of a world that has very narrow walls and roofs ; no  context in real environmental realities .
These demigods clearly don’t see it that way , but what do they see ?  They start with fear and end, just  a short distance away,  by making people feel good about themselves.see the article this week of pictures from Kirabati -- they were too happy and many worry warriors couldn't cope!!

 If that vision is all that matters to  many,  the strange gathering is on sand.   Not the Christlike cutting sword of truth at Christmas ,  but a sucked in softie type of "peace speech for our time"

Fraser island earlier this year
Sand erosion , groundwater and soluble salts work their magic

 “ Deep drilling of atolls essentially confirmed Darwin’s hypothesis of thick, shallow-water limestone sequences deposited on subsiding  volcanic basement” Bruce Richmond'   United States Geological Survey  1993

Elements of the process of reef formation are a little controversial, but not the influence of gravity on steep rocks against a trench ; the weakness of a ledge
 Few presidents, despite their incompetence, would think it – let alone say it ( consider Lincoln )

Monday, September 14, 2015

Where men drown thinking they can walk on water

How kind of you to let me  come!

 Saying the right words and wearing the right clothes maketh noone - striving after such things  empties those who invest there . How many changes of clothing before  Malcolm's exposed and outta there ?

Malcolm Turnbull has got where he always wanted to be .
We didn't ask him-- he just took the job so how right is he to assume office ? to talk of honor and humility ?
History of real progress to the best and most livable communities shows us that the only effective way  men can walk where angels fear  to tread is to do it lightly , carefully and with much advice .He's had plenty of years to take advice , but is he there because he thinks he can walk on water and is not afraid - how dangerous is that ?   Haven't seen much of the required humility to date.We  live in hope .

Tony Abbott has been treated badly because the personal attacks  are more a reflection of the unhappy state of mind of the people than anything about him . I can't see why Tony isn't the better leader because he knows about being strong in the face of opposition, totally  unfair criticism and a huge barrage of it.( esp lately )    As for whose best at  consulting - only their wives might know ; what man is not deaf until you shake him ?

What does Malcolm know and will he turn out to be a puppet , a prig or on a personal journey with his own name all over the landscape ?
Humility will take you places where I fear Malcolm has never been - I wish him well none the less . I hope not for the first time in his life , this man whose groomed himself to be popular , will actually say and do things that are not . That s what  thinking caring people want him to do .He can of course take a more popular choice .
That will mean of course that unlike Tony Abbott , he's taken the job,  and not earned it.

I hope for our countries sake,  he doesn't hit the ground with a thud , Good on Tony for trying .

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fooled by the simpleminded -- the equality trump card

Bernard Shaw didn't agree with the converted Chesterton on many things ,but he did on the dumb simplicity adopted by  progressives of their day ( Chesterton notes - "not discussed enough" even 100 years ago - wow )   .
Orwell didn't agree with Christians on much either but he agreed the equality card is no trump . He insists its dangerous and incomplete - it comes back to haunt us so easily. In our own day Dalrymple is on target,  even if the church isn't .
Idealism is not only dangerous,  but  like all failed and simple ideology, it costs the earth . It throws out what's good in favor of what doesn't work. The popularity of a simple idea with polys and the public is completely understandable,  so please put your mind into gear and read the above highly engaged authors. Resist the quick fix 

All Bernard Shaw's  women'  have to prove themselves ,To get the respect ticket and use it as a trump card is wrong  As Chesterton points out,  these two thinkers  agreed , against the common logic of women's movement promoters of their day,  that for women to be actually treated equally,  no one should use the respect card for the group . Noone is good but God alone. These are hard but CLEAR  lessons for our day when the insatiable demand for respect is threatening the definition of marriage and parenthood for children .  
  • We can all fall for our own logic of "disadvantage " . To take with one hand our diversity and uniqueness and ask for more because we insist on seeing it as " disadvantage" Having  no option to discipline the arguments , our sentimental public  servants do nothing but handout cheques to the " disadvantaged " Unsustainable . 

  • Maybe this incomplete view of nature and natural processes is  at the heart of the stalemate in many family court decisions as well ?

This well researched review of domestic violence shows how shallow  many of the discussions have been for a long time .

Be warned - the progressives,  by taking the position they have,  are in denial about the really important role of aggression and anger in resolving conflict. To not normalise angers and aggression is to deny solutions to millions of modern families and couples for whom sitting on their emotions means depression , suicide and silent stalemates . Women Converts to Islam site "english maternalism" as  the sentimental rubbish thats killing the West's real dealings with reality - and they are right .  Wrath is not wrong as the unthinking unscientific  reactionaries would have it

The only idealism we can tolerate is that which works:  Be angry but makeup in bed  Ephesians 4:26

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mere momentum is dangerous

Like this

Watch out for coming series on democracy
Time we tested those who simple faith in it  has led them to divorce democracy and republicanism.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Government by decree..Erosion by degree

RE EVERYONE should describe their commitment using the best and most ideal words available ( Bill Shorten's private bill to go before Parliament this week )
Summary : If it "works "--its only in the short term . But that all that matters to some progressives - statistical proof of progress
Might make a few FEEL better for doing something for the apparently oppressed, but , in the long term it will do nothing to make the aggrieved feel better .
Standing against this move , on the other hand , would make us proud of our leaders , the  fathers and mothers of Australia who showed us the primary way .Its time to stop this dumb predictable rot of the Fabian reactionaries . It will cost the earth in paperwork and political correctness( like the womens and aboriginal movements before them) and if you want a clincher --we in the street will go back to calling a spade a spade-as is our God given right .
Picture Bill shorten in the Emperors new clothes .

Only the tyrannically inclined think they will move society by decreeing we use only their words. Men , Praise God , were born free to speak free  !

Fabians badly need a reminder that there wonderful faith in progress is often only as empty and hollow as it ever was  ; And as boring
Good friend Gilbert reminds us about George B Shaw " every new religion bores us with the same stale rhetoric about closer fellowship and the higher life " 
" a progressive was now to mean , not a man who wanted democracy ( no the rule of the noisy in 2015?) , but a man who wanted something newer than democracy .. not a man who wanted parliament or a republic , but a man who wanted anything that he hadn't got "

Giving gays what they want,  like the aborigines and women before them, is destined ( as a progressive might say )  to make them happy ..... yeah?? The pleasant perfume of this simple equation will evaporate  .

Will it make the complainants happy ? Of course not ( Voltaire had the brains to laugh at this nonsense  knowing as he did that listening to their noise was a waste of time ( and in our case paper and contrived conversation at the dinner table - - Candide
 Politicians and wannabes need to grow up and play the game as it should be played - sticks and stones  don't break my bones 
Sure , it will appease the noisy ones in the family .  That is,  of course, what we do these days -- doesn't make it right . Infact, it makes us the objects of ridicule by our own children and the children of other faiths ( why are thousands of young women in Britain becoming Muslims? )
Yes too bad about the rest of the family -- they can go to hell . Noise has great survival value if you believe the reactionaries .

Will Bill's efforts work ? yes sure i  agree in the short term they could . People will feel feel better for a moment ."called algophobia ?" We have been generous " We  have listened to the noise of those unhappy and have given them what they want ." 

Short term gain long term pain 
EVERYONE should describe their commitment using the best and most ideal words available  That will mean that after a while we will have no ideal    Thanks Bill Shorten.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why is problem solving so simple on the ABC ?

Amazing what our wannabes can achieve in a weekend   ( Sunday 24th May 2015)
-  Bill Shorten will find  a home for the latest group of starving boat people ( instead of flying and carting them around the country like his predecessor)
- ABC knows population control will really help  the starving boat people and old folks unhappy with their lives .  Population control  is their answer to everything ?
-- Q&A will tackle a least 3 issues in one hour tommorrow ; moving on inevitably  once answers are found .
-- Gays  persecution will stop once they get treated like the Irish voted to treat them - well at least in writing .  No longer a fence with boundareies to protect the weak ; ust a badge like ( we are all Irish here and allowed to do whatever we like)
--  Senate doesn't need to support our spending- Its got other priorities .The priorities of the highly personal.
-- give everyone a conscience vote . That would stop the noisy lobby group from wanting more notice and being treated less badly .  Have a royal commission  that will find answers(b to why 300 people died cause they lived in the tinder dry forest)
--Give everyone a conscience vote . Say on allowing religiuos groups from being able to do and be what they like - we might have to change a few laws - like acceptable reasons for homicide and revenge;  Change  laws that assume all people are created equal  to all people are created according to the amount of good DNA they possess.

The reality is that those in news are anything but effective -- which is why we see this confused chatter and fanaticism ,.