Monday, September 14, 2015

Where men drown thinking they can walk on water

How kind of you to let me  come!

 Saying the right words and wearing the right clothes maketh noone - striving after such things  empties those who invest there . How many changes of clothing before  Malcolm's exposed and outta there ?

Malcolm Turnbull has got where he always wanted to be .
We didn't ask him-- he just took the job so how right is he to assume office ? to talk of honor and humility ?
History of real progress to the best and most livable communities shows us that the only effective way  men can walk where angels fear  to tread is to do it lightly , carefully and with much advice .He's had plenty of years to take advice , but is he there because he thinks he can walk on water and is not afraid - how dangerous is that ?   Haven't seen much of the required humility to date.We  live in hope .

Tony Abbott has been treated badly because the personal attacks  are more a reflection of the unhappy state of mind of the people than anything about him . I can't see why Tony isn't the better leader because he knows about being strong in the face of opposition, totally  unfair criticism and a huge barrage of it.( esp lately )    As for whose best at  consulting - only their wives might know ; what man is not deaf until you shake him ?

What does Malcolm know and will he turn out to be a puppet , a prig or on a personal journey with his own name all over the landscape ?
Humility will take you places where I fear Malcolm has never been - I wish him well none the less . I hope not for the first time in his life , this man whose groomed himself to be popular , will actually say and do things that are not . That s what  thinking caring people want him to do .He can of course take a more popular choice .
That will mean of course that unlike Tony Abbott , he's taken the job,  and not earned it.

I hope for our countries sake,  he doesn't hit the ground with a thud , Good on Tony for trying .

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fooled by the simpleminded -- the equality trump card

Bernard Shaw didn't agree with the converted Chesterton on many things ,but he did on the dumb simplicity adopted by  progressives of their day ( Chesterton notes - "not discussed enough" even 100 years ago - wow )   .
Orwell didn't agree with Christians on much either but he agreed the equality card is no trump . He insists its dangerous and incomplete - it comes back to haunt us so easily. In our own day Dalrymple is on target,  even if the church isn't .
Idealism is not only dangerous,  but  like all failed and simple ideology, it costs the earth . It throws out what's good in favor of what doesn't work. The popularity of a simple idea with polys and the public is completely understandable,  so please put your mind into gear and read the above highly engaged authors. Resist the quick fix 

All Bernard Shaw's  women'  have to prove themselves ,To get the respect ticket and use it as a trump card is wrong  As Chesterton points out,  these two thinkers  agreed , against the common logic of women's movement promoters of their day,  that for women to be actually treated equally,  no one should use the respect card for the group . Noone is good but God alone. These are hard but CLEAR  lessons for our day when the insatiable demand for respect is threatening the definition of marriage and parenthood for children .  
  • We can all fall for our own logic of "disadvantage " . To take with one hand our diversity and uniqueness and ask for more because we insist on seeing it as " disadvantage" Having  no option to discipline the arguments , our sentimental public  servants do nothing but handout cheques to the " disadvantaged " Unsustainable . 

  • Maybe this incomplete view of nature and natural processes is  at the heart of the stalemate in many family court decisions as well ?

This well researched review of domestic violence shows how shallow  many of the discussions have been for a long time .

Be warned - the progressives,  by taking the position they have,  are in denial about the really important role of aggression and anger in resolving conflict. To not normalise angers and aggression is to deny solutions to millions of modern families and couples for whom sitting on their emotions means depression , suicide and silent stalemates . Women Converts to Islam site "english maternalism" as  the sentimental rubbish thats killing the West's real dealings with reality - and they are right .  Wrath is not wrong as the unthinking unscientific  reactionaries would have it

The only idealism we can tolerate is that which works:  Be angry but makeup in bed  Ephesians 4:26