Friday, December 23, 2016

Many Libs blatantly support exploitation of our primary resources ----incl us

Incompetent meddling in water resources .

Governments around Australia foolishly allowed the traditional water rights of landowners to be compromised a few years ago and they MUST review where they have been and REFORM the system 
so it makes more sense like old water rights did .

The high taxing and incompetent water boards ( they don't know environment) were given too much power in the rush to privatize./ admin the issue of water . The waste on Desal plants might not have happened if these gunghos in power had kept INDEPENDENT advisors of COMPLEX environmental matters .

They MUST return to that and stop the bleeding hearts and pockets of those who have to put up with adviser after advisor , contractor after contractor, rip off investor etc 
The need to regulate irrigation water ( cf stock and domestic) should remain . 
Whats mad is this idea that a market type charge ( maybe cost recovery fee?) should apply and that water licences are a source of equity in the industry .When there is a drought there is little water to share. 
A true water conservation policy is not market driven but people, good resource and need driven. God and simple capability allocation commitments should largely determine when where and whether our highly efficient farmers get water , Not hard and should be done .
Polys should repent at Christmas of their addiction to all things market and the simple bookkeeping approach to resource allocation .

Too many LIbs are just like Scrooge, and about as big thinking

Friday, October 21, 2016

Political Puppets

People who see themselves as Progressives seem to forget that old is new again . People who see themselves as Supremely Rational  seem to forget that sometimes a piece of essential reasoning is missing in their long winded approach to Nirvana  .
Take when it comes to leaders  and the machinery of stupidity that drives them ;

The idealism of the evolutionary determinists forces them to be unwilling to understand the past and how things work,Their failure to study and properly represent scientists is a low light - esp when they speak for us .
Their worship of nature as good forces them to ignore nature as bad .Nature is not moral by nature and to deny that or impose that is to drive everyone mad morally.
 (Especially when people like those at the ABC insist on their view of science history progress and moral noncompass. Lets have a new broom sweep out those old foggies who have had their chance to tell their story .We all know the parasite element in there would not survive under its own steam outside ! )
We need a new conservatism and freedom that works .--  not just talk
Nowhere is this more evident TODAY than in the candidates  for the US election .

CLINTON  What progress throws up is someone who thinks government is by nature good and next to God .   Such tax based stuff cannot work long term - we need a new conservatism that works .
Bracks and Thwaites in Victoria Australia made perfect puppets for GreenLabor; those who  didn't think but filled with fear and arrogance  thought  they could and needed to make water.
TRUMP Not one of us, lets be frank, want to even think about what it would be like to have TRUMP as president . I don't need to expand on the way he symbolizes all that is really  bad about our culture - self centered ,overly confident , arrogant and agents of quick fix .

--Let others remind us of all that is wrong with our leaders.  
-- Let others remind us how much leaders reflect our fears - both real and unreal
--Let others remind us of our greed even though we are some of the richest people ever.

Our teachers taught us that we get the government we deserve ( we can and often do )

Why does it take so long for us to see the reality ?.
This risk is  a the reality that was obvious to our forebears and any of us who ever worked for leaders in government,  

-Anyone who has an eye to see and and an ear to hear about Reagan , Bush  Bush and .......       ------Anyone who thinks by stats and experiment we can discover all that's important is living in darkness with mere words and numbers 
The leaders are puppets
The only way to treat the disease is to face the disease . Even the public are tardy in facing the facts . Its not the leaders idea that are stupid but our very selves- how we think and make excuses for eg  .

If you want some relief on this read GK Chesterton talking about his friend "GB Shaw The Progressive"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Power or Persuasion

The lights go on  in public discussion about real world issues like energy supply . Insiders 9th Oct
Good to see Chris Ulmann listening to the experts . The woman from the Guardian listens only to the mouth full of rhetoric that media and polys have been forced fed to digest over the years . And she spat it out in droves today . Decarbonizing she said . A chimney sweep might help her overcome her fears and careless demonising.

Tis reasoning that boxes them in in their own reasoning. They claim to talk science but use reasoning only as it suits them to prop up an old reason - Its a form of scientism and of course its doomed to failure once the power supply to it is cut off :

Stop the drip feed Parliament or far far better
ABC - do some house cleaning before the stupid hatchet men cut your legs off !
Cummon ABC - have some credible guests to foil the ignorant chattering classes and raise the dust , We
only half watch the ABC now . Its like tame and fearfilled . Not the fearless dragon we expect

Monday, August 29, 2016

Looking after the needy -- and that includes YOU

Men from Mars could be forgiven for thinking we are the ultimate in compassion driven societies , If it's not refugees it hard done by aborigines and gays that appear daily in our news feeds as the most needy , the most fragile  .Never has the strength or the focus been so strong on so few ( groups &numbers )  So why is it not all about every needy group ---- or is it ---in a way ?  ,

So is it true about the deep  needs of these small groups or is just a token focus trick  - are the tears real ?, With a society  that s clearly more dependent than ever on others generosity is this a crying out for care for all those who now share that dependency---on the purse of government .
They are, after all, campaigns not about "what WE need to do "but what "THE  GOV needs to do"  .These tears don't hit the ground  because they differ from REAL care in not being REAL personal - a product of the new age of Telecare

I don't trust this outpouring of concern to be what it appears to be . Neither did the well qualified psychologists who wrote the consensus papers on maladaptive trends in media the 21 st century The Telecom  2000 report on Social Futures .

Take the tears being spilt by the leader of the Greens Dr Di Natalie over those young people who he claims will commit suicide as a result of an open public discussion about something that is quite removed from their general concerns .  His tears and tearjerking don't hit the floor for me , sounding a lot like a big dose of fear - not like the political posturing of ISIS and their use of suicide risk . .
The Greens have a reputation for worry , which we wouldn't mind if it was linked with real risk not fear risk .  The West has long since moved beyond their  seeing Nature as god .Many Greens worries centre around an excessive fear of the unknown and natures  danger filled daily cycles. Fair enough if thats all there is -if everything else is a construct. Let them get lost in their own forest i say .

Progressive parents would be wondering what is to be gained by gays seeking 160 million dollars worth of a very tired old bourgeois idea, they themselves  threw out as unnecessary decades ago .Noone in their household is going to shed tears form not getting it so we don't know which families have suicidal children bereft of being denied the old white piece of paper . Even Christians have enough resilience over the subject to draw up their own contracts .

I don't know anyone who is going to kill themselves because the govt won't give them the piece of paper they want . I know plenty who will throw a tantrum if they don' t get what they want - Maybe thats the real worry? Maybe its not about marriage,  but about bullying ?
 Are the advocates  for real ?-wanting us to prop up the delicate mental health of some unknown child ?
I know its a reality that just telling a child he cannot change his genetic base can encourage him to think suicide --but not getting a piece of paper you never wanted in the first place ---No
We don't talk about marriage as if its the B all end all - because it isn't
. Is the campaigning then about gaining something else ? Things like recognition , self esteem and power , A win in the game of words ,A nice letter of appreciation from your local member to hang up on your wall. A pice of paper to laughed at and then thrown in the bin - wasted politics .
There has to be more at stake here  -than is obvious . But no one dares talk about in case they get called a bigot ; in case soem persons fragile mental health will be impacted . We accept  assume that sticks and stones do break mens bones but men were once more resilient.
The lack of debate about the stakes suggest that most people are convinced its like changing the label for something -- that simple . It simply cannot be that simple >
If it just that why not go the progressive and mentally proactive way and give your new group a distinctive  new name . That could be expected to boost self esteem far more than joining the dinosaur branch of relationship prescriptions

No what is happening  here is subterfuge-- is far deeper than a mere offer to include . Its really about an offer to destroy . Its aim is not to build marriage but to destroy respect for what marriage means . Its an assault not on how we do things, but on how we perceive things and how our children  will percieve things( the best reason of all right now to resist this silly simple request )

If the bureau takes this on ,as their baby  our children can expected to not think of marriage as family focus but relationship focus ; not a structure to give structure to family but one likely  but to undermine it as it did in the Russian revolution ( noted by Orwell) ,
By making all relationships equal there becomes less need for roles - mums dads and the genetic drivers that god like humans can NOW in their brilliance bring to love in its highest form ( man love)

The more men talk the more you realise they don't know what they are talking about .
If you want to know more about dealing with this problem from a lateral point of view you can't go past this mans perspective as its enabled people to wear abuse and ridicule for centurues . Sustainable and practical if you follow it as millions have !