Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Air Balloon rides Q&A

The closest thing we have to cloud driven committees is clearly ABC's Q&A.The ABC's hot air balloon . Each week it needs  a lot of hot air to keep it afloat . Candidates are chosen for a least some silver bullets and silver lining allegiances (note the frequent use of the word "clearly" by such guests ) . The atmosphere is bouyed up by the unsustainable air of the moment " right here , right now ". The can do community . The I can do community ??
It comes as no shock to us that a program that comes after Race Around the World should miss the point of the questions raised along the way . The pilgrims on the journey have agreed to join the escalator (not THE WAY -recent film  worth watching) for a quick trip into problem solving land .
Some smarter guests agree to go, knowing that by appearing, they can say something about more important things happening on the ground. ( such people are not likely to get another invite because the ABC want to control the focus and the laughter on their quick trips around the world )
 Tony Jones is always "moving on " .It appears that , in that respect , we are always going up:  the focus is moving but is it moving towards clarity?  .The program format suits Tony and the wannebes - they are happy with an overview . Its detailed enough for them and not detailed enough to threaten them ( and the audience?) I mean you can't have too many real  experts on the show . there would be no place for .......
Tony Jones keeps it moving as the guests rise into the clouds each week to tell us nothing more than what we would know if we studied them in a more sombre mood. Q&A doesn't answer questions .
Mind you I think he got the message this week about the monster of " big government " as he called it .The problem I called the left and its unsustainable limpet like life blood attachment to being paid by the taxpayer.The Fabians can't survive without constant injections from the public purse . The culture of the left is no longer a living culture, even though it grows like cancer in our midst . 

Why would one watch a battle over a few well chosen words ?  The answer is because,  it is a battle and it's contained -- its only a battle of words. If Q&A was genuinely interested in driving action  it would ensure  that actions from answering questions was clear. Nothing much is very clear at the ABC these days .Leaves a lot of room for more projects more committees , more programs , more reasons for funding  Nothing much is clear to the presenter,  so we are always moving on and not encouraging followup; .the very nature of Hot air balloons trips don't help. Who wants a "working group"when you can join the overview session?
The program is seldom deep enough to get beyond a lot of distance creating conversation and mere splashing .
Only those who could not cut the crap that parties produce would think the parties are different and they could cut through such stuff . So, one bloke on the ground got it right -(Oliver you beauty ) Individualism has the power to drive both parties into oblivion . He might have said , as Blond was saying, that to see the truth we need to fly above the clouds.   Moral and purpose concepts - the brief is too big for Tony

Got to keep it simple and contained . For Tony to only ask Singer about moral questions is to fly too close to the ground. So close that you will crash and not see anything but the view of a rationalist , who by definition always limits himself to the one paddock he only ever plays in.( How can Tony venerate someone who dodges consensus Q's about the value of human life? )
How can the ABC not see that if nearly all parties too are into doublespeak  we will next fall for a fanatic .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why does Wayne Swan send us to sleep?

Largely because he talks down to us? How much is his open preaching to us about things we already know common within the party. How much living in the past is going on ? Too much.
Fabianism was most effective in the culture of government restraint. Now its  loose largesse is feeding the great smell of a lack of government restraint .