Saturday, November 27, 2010

Labor's big weakness -

Lack of value based judgement .  allowing people to do what they like - esp powerful .
Siding with The Greens means they recognise the need ( for values) but lack the judgement . The Greens are shallow in both areas ( eg like everyone to do what they like ) .which means they rise to the top of the media and children in charge grab .
Thankfully the end result on the ground of every changing directions of this game of buying into more new toys in  investment and research is obvious to the people ( Myki , outrageous water and energy disinvestment, you name it ) Brumby as a good leader still can't see that he has let the children run amok. I hope he resigns soon to remind them of what's really been happening.

Thankfully for those of us who have wanted the government to ignore the Greens and listen to the competent  on environment it appears the high water mark for Greens has arrived .

Monday, September 6, 2010

There are none so lost as those who don't know their own weaknesses

For a parliament that will need all the help it can get, the idea of putting something before prayer is very symbolic.  A denial and guilt trip  that infects our attitude to ourselves and our country and our heritage - we think we know what we are doing and we know how to get there . Whomever tries to lead this country over the next .....months . will need super human help, wisdom and strength - just to get through it , let alone get something sensible through . You heard it first on blogger  

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Labor continues to reach for the Stars

After flying too high in outer space with their hot air policies, you would think Cabinet would be out to clip the wings of the wannabees; The cost of all this space travel could cost them their jobs . First, its the education revolution and NOW , this week its the health system revolution .
Thinking lefties ought to smell a rat - the one that calls itself "revolution" when its real name is "reactionary" rat ( leaves you when it feels like it too) .
How long can the spaceship antics remain attractive, let alone credible to a public once in awe of the possibilities. What is it about the polys , and just as importantly , what is it about the public mindset that keeps this grand dialectic and expensive tour going .

The imagery of church is helpful . Various news commentators have noted this last few weeks the presence of some normally nontalk words in the conversation . "Confession , Redemption". What does it all mean?
What this brief window of religion talk means is the media like to run a smoothing over "niceness policy " ( trying to maintain readership by pleasing everybody /sort of?) - sit on the hard basket till it explodes under them  . They are hoping the tough stuff will go away .But it never goes away . Denial about our need for a worldview is not healthy mentally .  The media sense many are uncomfortable and if anything , want more comfort talk - talk of power .
They are happy to talk politics all day .  "Don't talk religion but lets' talk politics all day " seems to be the moral drive of modern media journalism - until recent days . Even the Aethists this week , while they may be into nontalk mode on the same words, will find its rather hard to describe the problem with religion --- unless they talk about it .

So back to the church -If you are finding it difficult to be there, you are not alone - The rigid confines of religion - fair enough-- its like going to the dentist?  . It may help if you just imagine this congregation came together mainly to talk about their good intentions . Like a Labor conference - only spare the thought, more religious.
Rudd gets up and confesses - "We did wrong"
Gillard gets up and , while not confessing as such , she reads the creed with a passion -"Haven't had one for a while so here it is ! Its called "a curriculum " . She sits down and the congregation are moved to sing in celebration. "Stand up stand up for grammar, good colon use is marching on , forth to the mighty conflict our langauge is going wrong " .The tune from the school of mere description hymnbook titled; Misplaced concreteness.
The priest then reads the prayer "we confess that we don't think its a good thing that we all go our own way .We need some Doctrine and some guidance so our language and the past denial of this reality is acknowledged ."
The sermon for today comes from the gospel of monitoring ( imagine HG wells type character writing this) . "Gird you loins people " "We need to watch our selves lest we fall into temptation of thinking we know best - overservicing . We are going to monitor you doctors and nurses.etc etc . We will ALL be blessed by having more people watch over you . way we will have the very best health system in the world . You will be paid on compliance. We are here to work together on this .
Time for your tithes (GST) and offerings please !
I could go on .
And so it goes . Psychologists tell us that overcompensation and projection  is common . Perhaps this struggle for ultimate power is a form of fanaticism -A denial of our own sense of powerlessness.

Going to church is good if it helps you keep your perspective and your "sense of control". If it helps you face your powerlessness and start back on a solid base . Maybe if the media and the wannbes stopped trying to tell the quiet achievers in the front row what to do, much of  this careless talk from the front bench would be less dreamlike. How long before the front pews lose their best and closest supporters ? - That's reality therapy isn't it - "what the people in both education and health want isn't it" . Some earthly use - "leave us alone " ,would be more like it - "Help us to get on with the job -more beds more docs ".
Final blessing on our leaders. "If you not sure ask !, and it shall be given to you , knock and the door will open; seek and you will be surprised at how much more fun it is coming back to earth , than living in denial."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Atheists meet to save the world as we know it

The passionate meeting of religious nutbreakers in Melbourne next week would make an interesting psychological study. They want to get rid of organized religions , but seem to be acting just like them. Some questions for observers might be
What will be in evidence there for:
- confession ( " all humans seem to need a god of some kind" )
- projection (ie "takes one to know one ")
- deep reality ("God , whoever you think he/she is is not here , there or anywhere!" "we can prove it !")
- no heretical talk (God talk is banned )
- competition ("my god is better than your god")
- denial ( "I am not religiuos "; "My neighbour is not like me at all "
- fanaticism  Check out the post conference POST HERE

Amongst other things , the unbelievers are promoting the conference as a means of freeing the world from "blinkered" thinking.
Why wouldn't a less reactionary and closed framework provide a better paradigm for lateral thinking than the one that they reckon stiffles reality thinking ( the categories above) .
Worse, if the psychologists are right (we all invent gods) maybe failure to admit this reality maybe their BIG stumbling block to progress NEXT WEEK.

The Laws of Maths Physics and Chemistry

There must be more than a few wannabes just a little worried about a politician led recovery in Education . Julia Gillards announcements today
Philosphers might be wondering too about signs of giantism, let alone reactionary rather than revolutionary, or dare i use my own word, befficent ( non invasive government ) medicine
Not the least also the many good science and maths teachers who have moved alreday to church schools ( where are the stats cf Hype here )
The NTFS scheme was classic waste of money because it too was too focused on discredited paradigms of educational science in practice needs

The real disease in education hasn't been discovered by the wannbes YET - otherwise the treatment would be more befficient.