Sunday, December 9, 2012

Protocols ,Pretence and Patronizing

Some people hide behind their incompetence by talking about the means rather than the ends; The mission statement rather than the mistakes ;the mindgames rather than the real games.

Don't be one of them . Be a person who knows what you are talking about and speak directly to actions that you think are needed ( in your area of competence )- avoid saying "scientists say" it can be hiding, misleading and false authorship and protect what you say bybeing careful what you say ( we all talk too much . A response like "none of my business" can be the best thing to say !)

Modelling talk , for example, is Ok for scientists to do ,but often only creates suspicion when used by people as a point to convince  - resist non scientists who use science words carelessly - use your own words .
This "ends talk" makes a lot of common talk dangerous . By using it you can't be criticized for not being responsible because the method for achieving a  result is often reasonably disputable ( therefore legit but a possible timewaster) or established .
What people get crucified for ,  is unfortunately and unrighteously ( unless you are the emperor) for is doing things -- not saying things 
You don't think" Dangerous" ? ( well if I'm right you are at risk from tripping over ?) Explain to me why the wise people in our past recognized that the greatest evil ( the means) is done in the name of the best intention ( the ends)   The media and the public can't always see the connection between the words and the actions but thinking people can.

THE DUMBING DOWN AT DOHO Recent Climate change talks in Doho are like that . Talking mechanism and foolishly following around the fad talk about "markets and mechanisms" ( answers that are not always answers)- John Connor .The fad nature of their agendas and the danger in not being concerned about actions and implications  is there to be seen if you have eyes to see. The fad nature of their agenda is also in their promotion of new concerns :eg " increased weather disasters" ( this is just hype and distraction from " warming";  history and any good study of the facts will show this to be just another distraction from the main debate) CC is running the risk of being a lost cause cause it doesn't discipline the debate . Any action  is now at risk of being lost in a forest of distractions that non -scientists and careless overly theoretical thinkers  have created for themselves. cc is not a debate you have carelessly- gas exchange questions require great competence .There is no escaping this .Australain leaders do not respect science. They, like the people worship technology and technological fixes .

DAVID BRADBURY our assistant treasurer too is totally unconvincing.(Today on abcnews24) Worse .... he thinks he knows better than us .He wants to "wean us off....... " We are not children David ,and you and the government are not God . According to our forebears , The Devil 's favourite game is distraction and human's greatest weakness is his pride. The children seem to be in charge but which sort of children in charge is best ? Matthew 11:25    If only we all knew how little we know !