Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trying to keep the high moral ground

It used to be said of some religious people that "they were so heavenly minded that they were no earthly use". Now we have heavenly minded Greenlabor. Same high minded talk, same usefulness
The momentum can only last for a moment, even though the public lose patience with the action talk that matters.
Greenlabor like to look down and say "you are being negative" as they fly ever up ward into the clouds.

When the people realize our powerbrokers aren't looking after us ,or taking us with them , they will reject them.

While Greenlabor would do anything to avoid the reality that they rely on being religious ( trying to take the high moral ground) they act to prove it so . Today their followers try to run another story on a problem in another country . Heavens away.
Greenlabor , when in trouble likes to find its hope in some grand plan . Gets a lot of press from the press. This week while the government reels from being reminded that it is controlled by green idealogues , the green ideologues run yet another story of mistreated animals in Indonesia.
Labor will never find a credible regional minister. Current Ag minister is nowhere to be seen .  Burke tried , Libs tried  Greenlabor won't even try- they want to represent our animals ,not the people .
This is the watershed , or the worldview moment, in our history .
Some might say that ags are the target for our own embarrassment over our use of the earths resources and animals for food in particular.
Either way those heavenly minded are not helping by not even talking about it in an Austrailan context . Ludwig you see will never say "They have a problem,  we are doing OK" because the greens won't allow this attempt at heavenly leverage to ruin their ambition to close down meat industries.
The principle is the same as all religious attempts to change the world
Setting a high moral standard on killing in general on the world stage is easier than having a cleanup discussion in our own backyard. The approach is ,as it always was, hypocritical ,and unworthy of those who claim to be genuinely interested in changing our society for the better.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never try to solve a problem you haven't defined

Gosky review in education funding . 
Sometime politicians are best to let someone else solve problems - The fact that  any policy is "incoherent"  and " not transparent " to polys is completely understandable . To make it so may well be to make it too simple . The fact that Bob and Julia are preoccupied with money fixing the problems shows they are both completely out of touch . 

The last meddle ( building program ) lost more good teachers because they didn't respect existing process  . Another meddle is likely to do the same . Causus and Bob Brown love change because they are reactionaries rather than real revolutionaries.
The cost benefit of Julia's incentives  is going to go into history as bigger and worser  meddling than anything Jeff K tried .Catholic schools are not equitable funded NOW so whay would they ever be with this clear attempt to better fund government schools.

Because they can't and  haven't defined what "advantage"  means,  its more go nowhere atmospheric level moeddelling ( a now common degrading combination of meddling hidden by the smoke haze created by modelling ) The only view they have checked is that government schools will probably get  more money than the existing underfunded  Catholic  schools in particular . Is the word Fair  really going to work for fairness?

Such reactionary "car picture policy " is largely driven by a desperate policy defined not by its solution, but driven  by simple political panic about State schools being abandoned by parents , teachers and the like
Like the building program that preceded it is likely to fail . Like it has done in our district, it acn be expected to create MORE  quickfiz nonsense that categorized the last funding round 

The press have only got to ask former state teachers why they left and why they think many teachers stay . Todays' talk should start there and not meddle and model itself  into a another mess  . 

This is a car  without wheels and all the talk of "nuts and bolts" by spokesmen rather said so 
Worse,  they and Green labor haven't realised that to reach the goal of incentive to learn, its not all about money.  
To allow yourself to accept the label disadvantage  is to let the label stick and make the people sick. . This $ driven mere description problem driven nonsense was best exemplified by MR Jeff Kennett  ;
Jeff Kennett will go down in history as one who meddled,  and by confusing the role of business and governance  set a new and much lower benchmark for government performance review .Instead of making Govts more accountable the process is thanks to his ideas less  accountable ,bigger  and more expensive.  
 One presumes that Labor are desperate and dumb enough to follow Him   Parents and former good teachers from the State system are choosing church schools because of the attitude at such places,  and the stumbling meddling responses of some out of touch wannabes who don't even respect the real workers in that industry ( ABC should interview former teachers !)  .

 "tough choices talk" and " this is the most important thing we have .... " is used to empower and distract listeners from the reality that the idea is  driven by reaction rather than a knowledge of needed action.- as do --the five categories which  look like some way to set direction - wait and see them being abandoned.