Sunday, December 9, 2012

Protocols ,Pretence and Patronizing

Some people hide behind their incompetence by talking about the means rather than the ends; The mission statement rather than the mistakes ;the mindgames rather than the real games.

Don't be one of them . Be a person who knows what you are talking about and speak directly to actions that you think are needed ( in your area of competence )- avoid saying "scientists say" it can be hiding, misleading and false authorship and protect what you say bybeing careful what you say ( we all talk too much . A response like "none of my business" can be the best thing to say !)

Modelling talk , for example, is Ok for scientists to do ,but often only creates suspicion when used by people as a point to convince  - resist non scientists who use science words carelessly - use your own words .
This "ends talk" makes a lot of common talk dangerous . By using it you can't be criticized for not being responsible because the method for achieving a  result is often reasonably disputable ( therefore legit but a possible timewaster) or established .
What people get crucified for ,  is unfortunately and unrighteously ( unless you are the emperor) for is doing things -- not saying things 
You don't think" Dangerous" ? ( well if I'm right you are at risk from tripping over ?) Explain to me why the wise people in our past recognized that the greatest evil ( the means) is done in the name of the best intention ( the ends)   The media and the public can't always see the connection between the words and the actions but thinking people can.

THE DUMBING DOWN AT DOHO Recent Climate change talks in Doho are like that . Talking mechanism and foolishly following around the fad talk about "markets and mechanisms" ( answers that are not always answers)- John Connor .The fad nature of their agendas and the danger in not being concerned about actions and implications  is there to be seen if you have eyes to see. The fad nature of their agenda is also in their promotion of new concerns :eg " increased weather disasters" ( this is just hype and distraction from " warming";  history and any good study of the facts will show this to be just another distraction from the main debate) CC is running the risk of being a lost cause cause it doesn't discipline the debate . Any action  is now at risk of being lost in a forest of distractions that non -scientists and careless overly theoretical thinkers  have created for themselves. cc is not a debate you have carelessly- gas exchange questions require great competence .There is no escaping this .Australain leaders do not respect science. They, like the people worship technology and technological fixes .

DAVID BRADBURY our assistant treasurer too is totally unconvincing.(Today on abcnews24) Worse .... he thinks he knows better than us .He wants to "wean us off....... " We are not children David ,and you and the government are not God . According to our forebears , The Devil 's favourite game is distraction and human's greatest weakness is his pride. The children seem to be in charge but which sort of children in charge is best ? Matthew 11:25    If only we all knew how little we know !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything is going well , why spoil the party

The incessant Ads for funeral insurance say a lot about  Baby Boomers in particular  - Does it suggest we are a together lot , or that we just want to keep the party going - somehow .Is it real payoff time or just token payoff time
  Do we think the end to the good times is coming ?  This pittance suggests tokensim as does so much talk   Otherwise why would we offer a token when the kids inheritance in historical terms is likley to be massive.
Whatever we say , we are responsible for the damage done in our lifetime, for the quick fix and the selling of assets and now the poor job prospects for our children .
I had one of the best jobs one could have in science and practice but it no longer exists because the lowest common denominator reigns in what was cutting edge science.
The wonder working Julia thinks she is clever in calling for consensus this week -  but really , she is way off target
Consensus doesn't work because the cutting edge is on the boundaries.   

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How come Combet seeks to sign away the rights of outsiders

When Combet and his colleagues can't even agree on how to treat those who want to come and live here - refugee applicants ?
Combey didn't tell us how much all this paper will cost us , and how much more in trying to prosecute Combet's grand plan .
How does it matter that "All countries are considering Kyoto protocols" when most won't adopt the new ambitions .Why should we take him seriously  when Combet can't even tell us why the new protocols are better .
Why should we take Combet seriously when only a few powerful pen pushing people within our countries think they can force the rest of us to pay for their very expensive careless forays at ever moving windmills.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama wins

Congratulations to the man and woman who represent best what we all need in leadership - humility . That said , I am so glad we don't have a presidential system because our system is better;  less personal and less reliant on popularity, . hype and spin .
At least the campaign highlighted something that is easily lost to Australians in our wishy washy spinning  - the important counter case for less governance , less nanny ism  and more true self government.

The most disappointing thing for me is to hear our own John Hewson fail to recognise what was bad about power games by the right.  The way they talk about all the"small government"   issues but with no emotional commitment; Hewson as commentator on ABCnews24 waxing  lyrical about the need to "find grand causes " This is the sort of stupidity and self centredness that exists but needs weeding out;  not Hewson's casual blessing  --we should continue to keep such wannabes and grand cause crap out of office . The years  ahead require what Obama offers - discipline of the heart . I hope that Obama and his supporters take Romney's crowd very valid points about greater discipline of the public service mind.
If anything its democrats heart over mind simplicities that are going to keep draining our country too of incentives to do better . Grand schemes are going to cost our own Greenlabor and Labor their  office.   

Monday, October 15, 2012

Peace in our time

While I wish our PM Gillard well , appearing in peace in India to make well intentioned statements about women rights is easy. Too easy . Too easy in history to do some grandstanding - goes down well at home,  if nowhere else .
The UN and leaders of countries are good at doing what she is doing and its often not very good because its the quiet achievement that matters;  the good intention focus allows us and them to ignore the evil .
 I would be more impressed by her talking about the women and children of Syria and perhaps , joining in a prayer for peace for them, their children and their teenagers who are on a killing rampage .

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Left is about sharing , The Right about justified greed

Simple enough isn't it.
Too simple. Far too simple!
The left has moved from being an independent intellectual force to just being a government force . It can no longer survive without the drip feed of government funding. The collection plate is not passed around each week to keep the church going . The left is now a tax payer funded church .Worse ,we all go there whether we agree or not because they live in the ABC .Obama's inability in America to control the growth of the PS is the same imperative that drives Greenlabor- the imperative of  State Church .Worse, the reality that the left hasn't got enough oommmff to drive itself on idealism alone means it has no option but to remain parasitical and reactionary . Lindsay Tanner is right about the lack of soul in the Party . The tragedy for taxpayers is that a State church seat is now just too comfortable for those seated there. Most on the left don't seems to know where to find any soul music and worse.,  they are not out there looking . Church is a great place to go to sleep . Certainly many in leadership have no idea. It's all become "the other blokes problem".

Knowing how ineffective some of its doctrines and nanny like imperatives are,  how can it survive ? Is  robbing the rich to feed the poor a sophisticated enough idea to work miracles in our age? Even a child can see that such" take it off one to give to another" is crude , unjust, dumb and in long term ineffective for discipline and growth.  The left only survives now by giving itself a job in church , inhouse, in governance . The left no longer lives in the real world but in the corridors of power . No longer an outside job,  its an INSIDERS job.
The  widespread ineffective control of human services,  education and even environment is obvious to those who send their kids to other church schools and who see where the money we are forced to give them give goes. Infact,  the ineffectiveness of their political action doctrines is driving them to act a little fanatical.

The right are still as prone to be as arrogant as ever . Our society has been been  built on the words of a real radical,  but you would never know that listening to many of the comfort zone characters who appear on the rights stage . Its all quite simple: "If  do what I say , you will all be as rich as I am"  .I could go on, but why bother .The right are right -- aren't they?
 IPA and Miners are wealthy enough come in to tell us how they can look after the environment but farmers have NEVER been in that situation yet they look after the environment every day - no wonder the independents are sick of the also sleep prone right.
That the earth is kind to itself is something they know and could teach us ,but oh no the city knows better;  the screw you jacks won't let any of us rest . Up the revolution I say .

Both parties need to go back to their roots -recognise what made them really radical in the first place .
Both parties have forgotten how things work, and why things have worked a lot better in the past .

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What in the world is soul ?

Tanner got to the heart of things last week .( He said the Labor party lacked soul)  The substance of his claim is established  by the numbers of open gaping mouths and the denial -and the cartoons on Insights ABC. Naturally its the group that loves rationality that finds itself out at sea with Machiavelli when the crunch comes.If you want to be really involved with the big picture ,you gotta think laterally or you will get lost.
Greenlabor think they are responsible for bringing the Kingdom of God on earth. They will need more than good luck, let alone their singularly myopic(automatic chair lifts?) view of direct routes  to heaven .Fine if they are serious,  but do they really think they have that sort of gift set?. More realistic soulful persons know that to change the world is to challenge the world - deeply and individually .Its all very well to join a rally to change the power structure- that's easy. The protest rally ends  only to be worse off from those who use the opportunity to grab the chance to gain it for themselves .
The real problem for all parties who claim to be god is that the idea cuts deep into the area of false confidence and false competence. Greenlabor think that it is enough to support the poor when it is not ;Jesus himself said the poor would always be there.; Who then is the more realistic ? Trying  to even up the balance is clearly a way to destroy the balance - after all its taxpayers who are obliged to pay !. Greenlabors preoccupation with equity is in denial of its failure to respect diversity in both nature and ecopractice . The way they "go on" ( on and on ) about supporting the poor  shows how little soul they have.- you don't respect the poor by propping them up, but by encouraging them in the way all good liberals do - encourage them in their own niches of productivity and "letting them speak for themselves"( most important) .
 News to you - it should not be ! Caring is not easy,  but it is cutting edge
Unfortunately its all news to most in Greenlabor , which only makes Tanners point very telling. And I haven't said much because its easy to hype up a soulful impression when you need one. You'll notice I haven't said about the nature of soul - not my intention to - just to draw attention like Tanner,  to the lack of it . Our point might be that you need to know it ,not just to name it to be credible on the subject  .Its something that comes from putting your own skills in perspective . It's not something you buy or put into your budget estimates for . Some dummies think its just about the past when its real power is being able to be prophetic. If you dare to abandon being reactionary ,popular and sheeplike and you will find you have some hope of gaining your perspective . Soul comes from deep within and  that's where the problem lies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes we can't just legislate to remove discrimination

Like prohibiting the drinking of alcohol or smoking,  no huge tax or legal sanction solves the abuse problem; Only simpletons would think it would  .
Its been a  great day for the people and parliament.  The great majority of them (98)stood and sat quietly against ( 42) the noisy intimidation and careless talk that in the last few weeks clearly involved unrepentant  playing of the man and not the ball .The worst 2 pager ever to come before parliament. 

Advocates of the latest push to give gays more rights failed in parliament this week to address even the most basic of questions about law and liberty for children . The dumbest 2 pager debate to ever come before parliament. Our local member Mr Cheeseman claimed his electorate  as highly progressive and liberated from the past  even though more established representatives of Labor like Mr O' Connor would not go that far .

I wonder which of these people below who claimed to be on the edge of history will be still in parliament next time around. I wonder too whether they will quite so lyrical about their fine cutting swords in dealing with bullying,  intimidation and simple sentimental slurs  against others. According to some of them not only one man but 2/3rd s of the Australian people are homophobic (When even they and those who know them know they are not )
Well done Parliament - we are still a free country where the quietly respectful talk deeply about diversity and do not fall for the simple nonsense around discussions of equality.  Orwell (and Shaw - now that he's seen the outcome of his ideas ) would I think , be pleased with most of us who have really hard weeks writing and wondering whether those with heavenly ambitions would ever come down to earth .

Ayes, 42Mr AlbaneseMr DreyfusMr S. P. JonesMs RoxonMr BandtMrs ElliotDr M. J. KellyMs Saffin*Ms BirdMs EllisMs KingMr ShortenMs BrodtmannMr GarrettMs LivermoreMr SidebottomMr ButlerMr GeorganasMs MacklinMr S. F. SmithMr ChampionMr GibbonsMr MarlesMs SmythMr CheesemanMr GrayMr OakeshottMr SnowdonMr ClareMs GriersonMs ParkeMr C. R. ThomsonMs CollinsMr GriffinMr PerrettMr WilkieMr CombetMs Hall*Ms Plibersek Mr CreanMr JenkinsMs Rishwort

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Air Balloon rides Q&A

The closest thing we have to cloud driven committees is clearly ABC's Q&A.The ABC's hot air balloon . Each week it needs  a lot of hot air to keep it afloat . Candidates are chosen for a least some silver bullets and silver lining allegiances (note the frequent use of the word "clearly" by such guests ) . The atmosphere is bouyed up by the unsustainable air of the moment " right here , right now ". The can do community . The I can do community ??
It comes as no shock to us that a program that comes after Race Around the World should miss the point of the questions raised along the way . The pilgrims on the journey have agreed to join the escalator (not THE WAY -recent film  worth watching) for a quick trip into problem solving land .
Some smarter guests agree to go, knowing that by appearing, they can say something about more important things happening on the ground. ( such people are not likely to get another invite because the ABC want to control the focus and the laughter on their quick trips around the world )
 Tony Jones is always "moving on " .It appears that , in that respect , we are always going up:  the focus is moving but is it moving towards clarity?  .The program format suits Tony and the wannebes - they are happy with an overview . Its detailed enough for them and not detailed enough to threaten them ( and the audience?) I mean you can't have too many real  experts on the show . there would be no place for .......
Tony Jones keeps it moving as the guests rise into the clouds each week to tell us nothing more than what we would know if we studied them in a more sombre mood. Q&A doesn't answer questions .
Mind you I think he got the message this week about the monster of " big government " as he called it .The problem I called the left and its unsustainable limpet like life blood attachment to being paid by the taxpayer.The Fabians can't survive without constant injections from the public purse . The culture of the left is no longer a living culture, even though it grows like cancer in our midst . 

Why would one watch a battle over a few well chosen words ?  The answer is because,  it is a battle and it's contained -- its only a battle of words. If Q&A was genuinely interested in driving action  it would ensure  that actions from answering questions was clear. Nothing much is very clear at the ABC these days .Leaves a lot of room for more projects more committees , more programs , more reasons for funding  Nothing much is clear to the presenter,  so we are always moving on and not encouraging followup; .the very nature of Hot air balloons trips don't help. Who wants a "working group"when you can join the overview session?
The program is seldom deep enough to get beyond a lot of distance creating conversation and mere splashing .
Only those who could not cut the crap that parties produce would think the parties are different and they could cut through such stuff . So, one bloke on the ground got it right -(Oliver you beauty ) Individualism has the power to drive both parties into oblivion . He might have said , as Blond was saying, that to see the truth we need to fly above the clouds.   Moral and purpose concepts - the brief is too big for Tony

Got to keep it simple and contained . For Tony to only ask Singer about moral questions is to fly too close to the ground. So close that you will crash and not see anything but the view of a rationalist , who by definition always limits himself to the one paddock he only ever plays in.( How can Tony venerate someone who dodges consensus Q's about the value of human life? )
How can the ABC not see that if nearly all parties too are into doublespeak  we will next fall for a fanatic .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why does Wayne Swan send us to sleep?

Largely because he talks down to us? How much is his open preaching to us about things we already know common within the party. How much living in the past is going on ? Too much.
Fabianism was most effective in the culture of government restraint. Now its  loose largesse is feeding the great smell of a lack of government restraint .

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get down and dirty

Postmodernists have only themselves to blame for their muddleheadness. The ten commandments are quite clear . You lead you lead . You lie you confess lying .
Our leaders aren't expected to tell us "everything".The command isn't to tell the public everything but to not bear false witness.
The aim with the commands is not to make a list of all the wrong things others have done but to identify that there are cul desacs and where they are ; keep the dismay and discouragement of them to a minimum.
Get down and dirty but don't get stuck there or the " takes one to know one " label "relentlessly negative" will stick to you too!
The aim of sound leadership is, like the commandment, to focus on a way forward that works .Relentlessly positive 
The aim of sound leadership is to identify cul de sacs , particularly before we find ourselves  in another one.
I thought Joel Fitzibbon did a good job of leading by carefully and clearly identifying the errors of following the Greens . Light has penetrated the cave and the rush to be seen to follow ones best intentions has had a check . GB Shaw and sound old Fabians should be pleased .

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Totally unbelievable

Don't quite know what the next Labor government are going to use for leverage when the next election comes around .
With Tony Burke offering this week to control everything that is not nailed down beyond our shores,  its going to be hard for any future wind and water worrier to gain some ground by calling something no go territory.
You would think the people would realize that 3 million hectares is too big for any mere thousand new rangers  to police . Get seasick thinking about how pointless it is,to try , when like the people who used to help manage those areas ( as shown on seapatrol) they can't touch it either.
So pleasing to see ABC reporting the fact that crocodiles,kangas , camels and dingoes and frogs have to be culled to really protect areas.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How do we help Syria?. Papua New Guinea?

Before we jump in with solutions,  we need to examine whether our wisdom about solving others problems is deep enough
  1. We get interested when things are really bad , when effective ( cf wasteful) influence is planned and prestress and pre growth orientated 
  2. We have the same problems , but may not have really solved them. Take the simmering household type discussion that is two parties fighting each other in the same building that is both Syria, Iraq , afganistan , and Papua New Guinea ( Coastal VS Highlanders ?)    
  3. What is said may result in wasted expenditure by governments . We like their expenditure to work - the stimulus will be removed once the public realize"  its not working " see point 1 
  4. The presumption of an outside enemy is all wrong . Yet this is the dumb west 's distracted direction in some of these countries . Therefore  a vote for every person may not help . Democracy can kill a family ( (if U have more than 2 children????) These are families in trouble .
    What the people need is Pastoral care . Not necessarily disciplinary or dumb democracy numbers( what if one group is bigger and doesn't care )  care, 
  5. The problem is an internal one - how we think about each other. Maybe an external threat ? but still an internal angst and to be dealt with that way.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love that united governance stuff

Our foreign minister ( Bob Carr ) is so pleased that we are signing yet another agreement with some other nations . His faith is often misplaced. It seems to me he trusts more in government power than people power . This divorce has occurred before . Governments like his , who are most prone to mental illness here are those who forget the past and the nature of evil  ( as Churchill reminds us to not do by remembering the better in our heritage  and Chamberlain does like a typical reactionary , by reacting against it " people good,  not bad "    ) :While no man  or men are to be trusted , neither are governments.
Most of us would add,  neither are men who seek power .
Finally,  never trust as Santayana said , those who are losing their hold on power .

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Best intentions are really the worst thing

One day Labor will realise ( as Shaw tried to alert them) that its flirtation with the best intention is what creates the evil that is now a meddling bureau and meddling tax system( "give us the money and we will decide what to do with it later "crap) on the subject of environment. Brisbane city electorates know The Greens are a menace to society even if they are not sure why.  The Greens don't know enough to be effective but they lobby enough to be a nuisance  - so busy on the crywolf tram that they stop doing the things that EFFECTIVELY stop people being burnt in bushfires and damaged by floods .The record of Greenlabor is NOW in the bag and judged ineffective . In politics it doesn't matter how good the rhetoric is ,  if its doesn't work,  it gets thrown out . The children maybe right about the problem but we are mad to let them decide about the solution.
For all the wild chatter on "Insiders"(ABCTV)  there is no serious refection on the damage careless Green/green thinking has done to Labor ( you heard it first on Blogger) Even Bligh speaks of her "green "achievements in buffers , tree controls and environmental planning when we all know it is expensive and ineffective slow meddling around the edges .She , like so many , doesn't realize that the  greatest evil is done in the name of the best intentions. Has political reflection on this subject ever been as shallow?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trying to keep the high moral ground

It used to be said of some religious people that "they were so heavenly minded that they were no earthly use". Now we have heavenly minded Greenlabor. Same high minded talk, same usefulness
The momentum can only last for a moment, even though the public lose patience with the action talk that matters.
Greenlabor like to look down and say "you are being negative" as they fly ever up ward into the clouds.

When the people realize our powerbrokers aren't looking after us ,or taking us with them , they will reject them.

While Greenlabor would do anything to avoid the reality that they rely on being religious ( trying to take the high moral ground) they act to prove it so . Today their followers try to run another story on a problem in another country . Heavens away.
Greenlabor , when in trouble likes to find its hope in some grand plan . Gets a lot of press from the press. This week while the government reels from being reminded that it is controlled by green idealogues , the green ideologues run yet another story of mistreated animals in Indonesia.
Labor will never find a credible regional minister. Current Ag minister is nowhere to be seen .  Burke tried , Libs tried  Greenlabor won't even try- they want to represent our animals ,not the people .
This is the watershed , or the worldview moment, in our history .
Some might say that ags are the target for our own embarrassment over our use of the earths resources and animals for food in particular.
Either way those heavenly minded are not helping by not even talking about it in an Austrailan context . Ludwig you see will never say "They have a problem,  we are doing OK" because the greens won't allow this attempt at heavenly leverage to ruin their ambition to close down meat industries.
The principle is the same as all religious attempts to change the world
Setting a high moral standard on killing in general on the world stage is easier than having a cleanup discussion in our own backyard. The approach is ,as it always was, hypocritical ,and unworthy of those who claim to be genuinely interested in changing our society for the better.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never try to solve a problem you haven't defined

Gosky review in education funding . 
Sometime politicians are best to let someone else solve problems - The fact that  any policy is "incoherent"  and " not transparent " to polys is completely understandable . To make it so may well be to make it too simple . The fact that Bob and Julia are preoccupied with money fixing the problems shows they are both completely out of touch . 

The last meddle ( building program ) lost more good teachers because they didn't respect existing process  . Another meddle is likely to do the same . Causus and Bob Brown love change because they are reactionaries rather than real revolutionaries.
The cost benefit of Julia's incentives  is going to go into history as bigger and worser  meddling than anything Jeff K tried .Catholic schools are not equitable funded NOW so whay would they ever be with this clear attempt to better fund government schools.

Because they can't and  haven't defined what "advantage"  means,  its more go nowhere atmospheric level moeddelling ( a now common degrading combination of meddling hidden by the smoke haze created by modelling ) The only view they have checked is that government schools will probably get  more money than the existing underfunded  Catholic  schools in particular . Is the word Fair  really going to work for fairness?

Such reactionary "car picture policy " is largely driven by a desperate policy defined not by its solution, but driven  by simple political panic about State schools being abandoned by parents , teachers and the like
Like the building program that preceded it is likely to fail . Like it has done in our district, it acn be expected to create MORE  quickfiz nonsense that categorized the last funding round 

The press have only got to ask former state teachers why they left and why they think many teachers stay . Todays' talk should start there and not meddle and model itself  into a another mess  . 

This is a car  without wheels and all the talk of "nuts and bolts" by spokesmen rather said so 
Worse,  they and Green labor haven't realised that to reach the goal of incentive to learn, its not all about money.  
To allow yourself to accept the label disadvantage  is to let the label stick and make the people sick. . This $ driven mere description problem driven nonsense was best exemplified by MR Jeff Kennett  ;
Jeff Kennett will go down in history as one who meddled,  and by confusing the role of business and governance  set a new and much lower benchmark for government performance review .Instead of making Govts more accountable the process is thanks to his ideas less  accountable ,bigger  and more expensive.  
 One presumes that Labor are desperate and dumb enough to follow Him   Parents and former good teachers from the State system are choosing church schools because of the attitude at such places,  and the stumbling meddling responses of some out of touch wannabes who don't even respect the real workers in that industry ( ABC should interview former teachers !)  .

 "tough choices talk" and " this is the most important thing we have .... " is used to empower and distract listeners from the reality that the idea is  driven by reaction rather than a knowledge of needed action.- as do --the five categories which  look like some way to set direction - wait and see them being abandoned.