Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How do we help Syria?. Papua New Guinea?

Before we jump in with solutions,  we need to examine whether our wisdom about solving others problems is deep enough
  1. We get interested when things are really bad , when effective ( cf wasteful) influence is planned and prestress and pre growth orientated 
  2. We have the same problems , but may not have really solved them. Take the simmering household type discussion that is two parties fighting each other in the same building that is both Syria, Iraq , afganistan , and Papua New Guinea ( Coastal VS Highlanders ?)    
  3. What is said may result in wasted expenditure by governments . We like their expenditure to work - the stimulus will be removed once the public realize"  its not working " see point 1 
  4. The presumption of an outside enemy is all wrong . Yet this is the dumb west 's distracted direction in some of these countries . Therefore  a vote for every person may not help . Democracy can kill a family ( (if U have more than 2 children????) These are families in trouble .
    What the people need is Pastoral care . Not necessarily disciplinary or dumb democracy numbers( what if one group is bigger and doesn't care )  care, 
  5. The problem is an internal one - how we think about each other. Maybe an external threat ? but still an internal angst and to be dealt with that way.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love that united governance stuff

Our foreign minister ( Bob Carr ) is so pleased that we are signing yet another agreement with some other nations . His faith is often misplaced. It seems to me he trusts more in government power than people power . This divorce has occurred before . Governments like his , who are most prone to mental illness here are those who forget the past and the nature of evil  ( as Churchill reminds us to not do by remembering the better in our heritage  and Chamberlain does like a typical reactionary , by reacting against it " people good,  not bad "    ) :While no man  or men are to be trusted , neither are governments.
Most of us would add,  neither are men who seek power .
Finally,  never trust as Santayana said , those who are losing their hold on power .