Saturday, March 24, 2012

Best intentions are really the worst thing

One day Labor will realise ( as Shaw tried to alert them) that its flirtation with the best intention is what creates the evil that is now a meddling bureau and meddling tax system( "give us the money and we will decide what to do with it later "crap) on the subject of environment. Brisbane city electorates know The Greens are a menace to society even if they are not sure why.  The Greens don't know enough to be effective but they lobby enough to be a nuisance  - so busy on the crywolf tram that they stop doing the things that EFFECTIVELY stop people being burnt in bushfires and damaged by floods .The record of Greenlabor is NOW in the bag and judged ineffective . In politics it doesn't matter how good the rhetoric is ,  if its doesn't work,  it gets thrown out . The children maybe right about the problem but we are mad to let them decide about the solution.
For all the wild chatter on "Insiders"(ABCTV)  there is no serious refection on the damage careless Green/green thinking has done to Labor ( you heard it first on Blogger) Even Bligh speaks of her "green "achievements in buffers , tree controls and environmental planning when we all know it is expensive and ineffective slow meddling around the edges .She , like so many , doesn't realize that the  greatest evil is done in the name of the best intentions. Has political reflection on this subject ever been as shallow?