Monday, April 22, 2013

At least Angels move Up and Down the ladder

The aristocrats in Canberra are complaining they need to have a voice ( ABC today )  As far as "angel hierarchies" ("next to God "as Sir Humphrey would say )  go they are near the top . The question is whether they really know what's happening below.
I say,  be convincing and convicting and you ( and others ) will have all the voice our democracy needs.   Know what you know and keep attention - a tension
You can't have a tension between two old doctrines  ( Chris Berg's point from the IPA )  if you abandoned one or other doctrine a long time ago. The left have trouble talking to any doctrine - let alone 2.
There is no such thing as doctrine for "the progressives" -those whose faith is in the evolution of good doctrine .In other words they can't tell you anything definite ; either because the best answer is yet to come or its defined by reaction to the last answer ( whatever universe it came from )
I can't work out why anyone would call themselves Fabian when their commitment lead them big government and no further ; when it has lead them to such strange unsustainable new condoctrines and concoctions such as  Marxism,  Fascism and now fighting amongst themselves for wisdom neither of them have .
True democrats always believed that the power was in "much advice"  from below- not the wisdom of the aristocracy .What does Canberra know ? What do Canberra mandarins know that they can't share with their mates in the press ? Give it a rest - The arsitocracy are going where angels fear to tread and don't even know it!
Carbon policy doesn't work because no one up top really knew what they were doing - both parties are both in deep trouble and they keeping making it so - by their own heresies

As for the heading : When Jacob was sleeping on a hard rock in a hard place ,  he dreamt of angels . They were moving up and down the ladder . So it is with good doctrine . Hierarchies are to build communication and their effective abandonment ( recent history of western politics) ) means LESS communication rather than more : less responsibility  rather than more - you don't change  the precious place of listening  unless you really know what you are doing .Need I say more ?Some people dream without angels . Perhaps they dream they are angels ?

Half baked doctrines create waste :time , money and lives . Best be rid of anything that is just a faint hope in the future.
 ( You heard it first on Blogger 23 April 2013 )