Saturday, October 8, 2016

Power or Persuasion

The lights go on  in public discussion about real world issues like energy supply . Insiders 9th Oct
Good to see Chris Ulmann listening to the experts . The woman from the Guardian listens only to the mouth full of rhetoric that media and polys have been forced fed to digest over the years . And she spat it out in droves today . Decarbonizing she said . A chimney sweep might help her overcome her fears and careless demonising.

Tis reasoning that boxes them in in their own reasoning. They claim to talk science but use reasoning only as it suits them to prop up an old reason - Its a form of scientism and of course its doomed to failure once the power supply to it is cut off :

Stop the drip feed Parliament or far far better
ABC - do some house cleaning before the stupid hatchet men cut your legs off !
Cummon ABC - have some credible guests to foil the ignorant chattering classes and raise the dust , We
only half watch the ABC now . Its like tame and fearfilled . Not the fearless dragon we expect

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