Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get down and dirty

Postmodernists have only themselves to blame for their muddleheadness. The ten commandments are quite clear . You lead you lead . You lie you confess lying .
Our leaders aren't expected to tell us "everything".The command isn't to tell the public everything but to not bear false witness.
The aim with the commands is not to make a list of all the wrong things others have done but to identify that there are cul desacs and where they are ; keep the dismay and discouragement of them to a minimum.
Get down and dirty but don't get stuck there or the " takes one to know one " label "relentlessly negative" will stick to you too!
The aim of sound leadership is, like the commandment, to focus on a way forward that works .Relentlessly positive 
The aim of sound leadership is to identify cul de sacs , particularly before we find ourselves  in another one.
I thought Joel Fitzibbon did a good job of leading by carefully and clearly identifying the errors of following the Greens . Light has penetrated the cave and the rush to be seen to follow ones best intentions has had a check . GB Shaw and sound old Fabians should be pleased .