Saturday, September 29, 2012

What in the world is soul ?

Tanner got to the heart of things last week .( He said the Labor party lacked soul)  The substance of his claim is established  by the numbers of open gaping mouths and the denial -and the cartoons on Insights ABC. Naturally its the group that loves rationality that finds itself out at sea with Machiavelli when the crunch comes.If you want to be really involved with the big picture ,you gotta think laterally or you will get lost.
Greenlabor think they are responsible for bringing the Kingdom of God on earth. They will need more than good luck, let alone their singularly myopic(automatic chair lifts?) view of direct routes  to heaven .Fine if they are serious,  but do they really think they have that sort of gift set?. More realistic soulful persons know that to change the world is to challenge the world - deeply and individually .Its all very well to join a rally to change the power structure- that's easy. The protest rally ends  only to be worse off from those who use the opportunity to grab the chance to gain it for themselves .
The real problem for all parties who claim to be god is that the idea cuts deep into the area of false confidence and false competence. Greenlabor think that it is enough to support the poor when it is not ;Jesus himself said the poor would always be there.; Who then is the more realistic ? Trying  to even up the balance is clearly a way to destroy the balance - after all its taxpayers who are obliged to pay !. Greenlabors preoccupation with equity is in denial of its failure to respect diversity in both nature and ecopractice . The way they "go on" ( on and on ) about supporting the poor  shows how little soul they have.- you don't respect the poor by propping them up, but by encouraging them in the way all good liberals do - encourage them in their own niches of productivity and "letting them speak for themselves"( most important) .
 News to you - it should not be ! Caring is not easy,  but it is cutting edge
Unfortunately its all news to most in Greenlabor , which only makes Tanners point very telling. And I haven't said much because its easy to hype up a soulful impression when you need one. You'll notice I haven't said about the nature of soul - not my intention to - just to draw attention like Tanner,  to the lack of it . Our point might be that you need to know it ,not just to name it to be credible on the subject  .Its something that comes from putting your own skills in perspective . It's not something you buy or put into your budget estimates for . Some dummies think its just about the past when its real power is being able to be prophetic. If you dare to abandon being reactionary ,popular and sheeplike and you will find you have some hope of gaining your perspective . Soul comes from deep within and  that's where the problem lies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes we can't just legislate to remove discrimination

Like prohibiting the drinking of alcohol or smoking,  no huge tax or legal sanction solves the abuse problem; Only simpletons would think it would  .
Its been a  great day for the people and parliament.  The great majority of them (98)stood and sat quietly against ( 42) the noisy intimidation and careless talk that in the last few weeks clearly involved unrepentant  playing of the man and not the ball .The worst 2 pager ever to come before parliament. 

Advocates of the latest push to give gays more rights failed in parliament this week to address even the most basic of questions about law and liberty for children . The dumbest 2 pager debate to ever come before parliament. Our local member Mr Cheeseman claimed his electorate  as highly progressive and liberated from the past  even though more established representatives of Labor like Mr O' Connor would not go that far .

I wonder which of these people below who claimed to be on the edge of history will be still in parliament next time around. I wonder too whether they will quite so lyrical about their fine cutting swords in dealing with bullying,  intimidation and simple sentimental slurs  against others. According to some of them not only one man but 2/3rd s of the Australian people are homophobic (When even they and those who know them know they are not )
Well done Parliament - we are still a free country where the quietly respectful talk deeply about diversity and do not fall for the simple nonsense around discussions of equality.  Orwell (and Shaw - now that he's seen the outcome of his ideas ) would I think , be pleased with most of us who have really hard weeks writing and wondering whether those with heavenly ambitions would ever come down to earth .

Ayes, 42Mr AlbaneseMr DreyfusMr S. P. JonesMs RoxonMr BandtMrs ElliotDr M. J. KellyMs Saffin*Ms BirdMs EllisMs KingMr ShortenMs BrodtmannMr GarrettMs LivermoreMr SidebottomMr ButlerMr GeorganasMs MacklinMr S. F. SmithMr ChampionMr GibbonsMr MarlesMs SmythMr CheesemanMr GrayMr OakeshottMr SnowdonMr ClareMs GriersonMs ParkeMr C. R. ThomsonMs CollinsMr GriffinMr PerrettMr WilkieMr CombetMs Hall*Ms Plibersek Mr CreanMr JenkinsMs Rishwort