Monday, October 15, 2012

Peace in our time

While I wish our PM Gillard well , appearing in peace in India to make well intentioned statements about women rights is easy. Too easy . Too easy in history to do some grandstanding - goes down well at home,  if nowhere else .
The UN and leaders of countries are good at doing what she is doing and its often not very good because its the quiet achievement that matters;  the good intention focus allows us and them to ignore the evil .
 I would be more impressed by her talking about the women and children of Syria and perhaps , joining in a prayer for peace for them, their children and their teenagers who are on a killing rampage .

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Left is about sharing , The Right about justified greed

Simple enough isn't it.
Too simple. Far too simple!
The left has moved from being an independent intellectual force to just being a government force . It can no longer survive without the drip feed of government funding. The collection plate is not passed around each week to keep the church going . The left is now a tax payer funded church .Worse ,we all go there whether we agree or not because they live in the ABC .Obama's inability in America to control the growth of the PS is the same imperative that drives Greenlabor- the imperative of  State Church .Worse, the reality that the left hasn't got enough oommmff to drive itself on idealism alone means it has no option but to remain parasitical and reactionary . Lindsay Tanner is right about the lack of soul in the Party . The tragedy for taxpayers is that a State church seat is now just too comfortable for those seated there. Most on the left don't seems to know where to find any soul music and worse.,  they are not out there looking . Church is a great place to go to sleep . Certainly many in leadership have no idea. It's all become "the other blokes problem".

Knowing how ineffective some of its doctrines and nanny like imperatives are,  how can it survive ? Is  robbing the rich to feed the poor a sophisticated enough idea to work miracles in our age? Even a child can see that such" take it off one to give to another" is crude , unjust, dumb and in long term ineffective for discipline and growth.  The left only survives now by giving itself a job in church , inhouse, in governance . The left no longer lives in the real world but in the corridors of power . No longer an outside job,  its an INSIDERS job.
The  widespread ineffective control of human services,  education and even environment is obvious to those who send their kids to other church schools and who see where the money we are forced to give them give goes. Infact,  the ineffectiveness of their political action doctrines is driving them to act a little fanatical.

The right are still as prone to be as arrogant as ever . Our society has been been  built on the words of a real radical,  but you would never know that listening to many of the comfort zone characters who appear on the rights stage . Its all quite simple: "If  do what I say , you will all be as rich as I am"  .I could go on, but why bother .The right are right -- aren't they?
 IPA and Miners are wealthy enough come in to tell us how they can look after the environment but farmers have NEVER been in that situation yet they look after the environment every day - no wonder the independents are sick of the also sleep prone right.
That the earth is kind to itself is something they know and could teach us ,but oh no the city knows better;  the screw you jacks won't let any of us rest . Up the revolution I say .

Both parties need to go back to their roots -recognise what made them really radical in the first place .
Both parties have forgotten how things work, and why things have worked a lot better in the past .