Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Everything is going well , why spoil the party

The incessant Ads for funeral insurance say a lot about  Baby Boomers in particular  - Does it suggest we are a together lot , or that we just want to keep the party going - somehow .Is it real payoff time or just token payoff time
  Do we think the end to the good times is coming ?  This pittance suggests tokensim as does so much talk   Otherwise why would we offer a token when the kids inheritance in historical terms is likley to be massive.
Whatever we say , we are responsible for the damage done in our lifetime, for the quick fix and the selling of assets and now the poor job prospects for our children .
I had one of the best jobs one could have in science and practice but it no longer exists because the lowest common denominator reigns in what was cutting edge science.
The wonder working Julia thinks she is clever in calling for consensus this week -  but really , she is way off target
Consensus doesn't work because the cutting edge is on the boundaries.   

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How come Combet seeks to sign away the rights of outsiders

When Combet and his colleagues can't even agree on how to treat those who want to come and live here - refugee applicants ?
Combey didn't tell us how much all this paper will cost us , and how much more in trying to prosecute Combet's grand plan .
How does it matter that "All countries are considering Kyoto protocols" when most won't adopt the new ambitions .Why should we take him seriously  when Combet can't even tell us why the new protocols are better .
Why should we take Combet seriously when only a few powerful pen pushing people within our countries think they can force the rest of us to pay for their very expensive careless forays at ever moving windmills.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama wins

Congratulations to the man and woman who represent best what we all need in leadership - humility . That said , I am so glad we don't have a presidential system because our system is better;  less personal and less reliant on popularity, . hype and spin .
At least the campaign highlighted something that is easily lost to Australians in our wishy washy spinning  - the important counter case for less governance , less nanny ism  and more true self government.

The most disappointing thing for me is to hear our own John Hewson fail to recognise what was bad about power games by the right.  The way they talk about all the"small government"   issues but with no emotional commitment; Hewson as commentator on ABCnews24 waxing  lyrical about the need to "find grand causes " This is the sort of stupidity and self centredness that exists but needs weeding out;  not Hewson's casual blessing  --we should continue to keep such wannabes and grand cause crap out of office . The years  ahead require what Obama offers - discipline of the heart . I hope that Obama and his supporters take Romney's crowd very valid points about greater discipline of the public service mind.
If anything its democrats heart over mind simplicities that are going to keep draining our country too of incentives to do better . Grand schemes are going to cost our own Greenlabor and Labor their  office.