Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Always best to check whats happening on the ground

Before you get carried away with what YOU can achieve in parliament, study the method ( its tried and tested,  in case you have forgotten!)
Here it is written down for you, on the ground as it were, in the simplest of forms Proverbs 11:14 . Right down on the floor of parliament.(Vic)

The tried and true method that Churchill and Queen Victoria ( standing in the background) and many others for whom the aforementioned are but a symbol ,  gave us as a legacy. That legacy is being undermined by the very same lack of vigilance that they identified in their day; People who think that life emanates out of a set of laws; whose education revolution is so tightly bound it only ever works through rules and learning them well ( I can see Alan Bond smiling at such stupidity and blinkeredness - go see my lawyers ! - great legacy !)
. Name calling pedantry preoccupations instead of practicing principle .Accusations and counteraccusations instead of acceptance of sin ,trial by hearings,  adminstration of justice and mercy and regeneration ( even if it means pulling down  before building up again - the old gas buildings ) to top it off .
 Melbourne is one of the most livable cities in the world and it isn't because of any superheroes , mayors or developers OR RULES .
The planning system, like our  legal appeals system was built on a flexible framework of advice and review courts.  Planning is what makes any country great .
YET Look what a mess our legal systems and goverenments have made of the Tribunal system ( eg VCAT) - turned half baked into righteous pedantry and pathetically unreliable justice with no mercy and often now for the poor old taxpayer , no hope of real regeneration ( while leaders just throw money at " problems" .