Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rudd Rhetoric - Same old same old , revolutionary reformer

We used to just say - "keeps on going around in circles"  Circle work CW
Maybe its not content , but attitude that matters . Mr Rudd is relentlessly positive while Mr Abbott is "Mr Negative" . The parent,  at least , can be trusted .
If you were a pedant you would tell yourself that CW is both revolutionary , reactionary and reformist .Wonderful comforting words.Perfectly logical -- if you are a pedant .
... and don't want to see the world as an outsider might see it

Playing the air game , and being light on your feet can  be very useful with a weary public - got to pick your time and moment . Labor can jump ahead and call the opposition "full of negativity" . " "no new ideas " party . Life is too short to be always chasing new ideas and much shorter and less satisfying if you don't really reform the good old ones .Rudd has at least hit the nerve there this week .
You  can as a pedant  have it all ways with the words but still not be moving in practice - just treading air and hoping that noone would notice that its recycled air , not "fresh air " you were ingesting( today he announced the most momentous  featureless large democratization ritual ever undertaken  by the Labor party ) .
Feeble spirits use all the right words and right words of passage ( " history long time hard work") from the past but because they do not really  study the past,  they repeat past mistakes ( more Pacific solutions )

Mouths are aghast that Kevin Rudd can be King again by playing the chameleon . He's always moving on and zipping the opposition before they have time to form a question.  Port Moresby or the Highlands absolutely no one understands how we got there - clearly he got there on the universe explorer Politicaceleste.- a featureless place to most Aussies ; perfect place for a landing

Like Julia he's just got away today with finding a real solution to the refugee problem - by naming a new ( always that way ) country . PNG .
No one with half a brain can fathom the acceptance of this zipped brain scheme.
Its not a joke and its not a good look for the media too ,, who are mesmerized by change. The faith of our society is complete in theory ( evolutionary is how good things happen ) but devolutionary and destructive in practice ( just uses up resources saved to enable future investment) 

Even the word reform can have a new meaning each week - "we have thought long and hard about this" suggests anything but  .

Noone in their right mind can digest the idea that what was announced today in regard to democratization of Labor " is the most significant , the most important  change ". ( words often chanted by preachers from the pulpit) The acceptance of this nonsense is due to the widespread false faith in progress - that what comes tomorrow is better,  more evolved than what was here yesterday

All Fabians have used the "change is good card" since Chesterton wrote about Shaws addiction to it . Its hard to ask a good question about the future.
"All feeble spirits naturally live in the future,"  We don't need to look far to see the faith in the future merchants as they dance around responses with the "moving on" imperative that fixes them in the old church from which they come .
Some would say this "god of the gap flller " works,  but it only works as a daily and costly fix.  It only survives as a weekly meal because its powered by the public purse and .. perhaps only in areas of church  where they too do not accept the public curse of faith in mere progress.

If you don't know which church YOU belong to ,
ask yourself the question .
Are conservative people just full of negative ideas ( implies that only one direction is positive )
The air may appear fresh,  but true movers use a car that has wheels ( real history of ideas) and doesn't reinvent them every time it wants to go somewhere .( Rudd calls for new ideas today showing what a shallow showman he is !)
"Feeble spirits live in the future because it is featureless"  It can look big and its up there