Sunday, August 18, 2013

More religious than we think

Current contenders for PRIME MINISTER in AUSTRALIA could be considered "Pious".

You 'll note that I am using the word  in both the common "religious" sense and the more profound 'Cultural "sense in which Chesterton used it against "the First Fabian". N
oone but noone,  including me likes to be called pious in the common understanding of the word . Sort of implies " other worldliness " , out of touch with reality -,
Its confronting nature is why we need to take it serioulsy . Just to 
repeat myself Chesterton had in his Biography of his friend Shaw seen his very popular ideas work through a war and was not about to allow another; by careless reaction against the culture that bore HIM and US into freedom and dignity . 

Grab yourself a copy of "Eternity Magazine " or Roy Williams book "In God they Trust " for more about our pious leaders:  very interesting as both have widely differing drawing patterns to their clear commitments there. The idea is important because many of Australians intelligensia think that religion is not only not necessary but dangerous . Dangerous it certainly is which is all the more reason to take it seriously .
The fear of the average non commited aussie of religion needs to be addressed too with facts,  as freedom of speech could be removed simply because the wannabes want to restrict the amount of " heat" in debates about " what is right " and "what is correct to believe" . Such a freedom was hard fought for but easily lost in the same it was lost before ? 

Psychologists tell us we all " have  religion " so denial of the need too,  is not helpful.
 A culture which teaches forgiveness and acceptance of political diversity is however a little different to one which supports revenge and  political control . 

The "Muslim protest in support of Egypt's leader in Sydney yesterday , it seems to me , is not about race but about proclaiming the superiority of one cultural idea ( one pietas ) over another . Many Christians would agree with the thinking Muslim that western culture has lost its way and is MOST vulnerable because it has a faith that is failing to deliver .
The problem then is not the religiuos,  but those who say faith systems don't matter . Its th e deniers  who need to change their minds and engage with the cultural ideas that motivate men.