Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The god assumption

Our growing bureaus and their reactive focus is clearly a result of our pollies feeding their own image with god assumptions for themselves .
They can and will FIX  the biggest of problems ; global warming ; global climate change , The Murray Darling  , Our excessive use of water electricity gas and whatever .

To do that they have to maintain the fear and the speed . They have to maintain the idea that dangers are immanent ( where their allegiance with the media is so dangerous ) and that's where taxes must be spent . Witness the growth of emergency management agencies ( the crywolf's ) and the dearth of prevention and sound planning agencies.

Passenges who want to join the slower more sustainable peace train look no further
 Maintaining the idea that dangers are immanent means that modern politics is glued onto an  allegiance with the media .
As a result MEDIA credibility is at all time low . Our ABCTV ( medium being easy message)  must show some vigilance if its not to fall for all the noise.and science jobs ( study the source of growth and prevention strategies  ) just window dressing .

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