Monday, December 14, 2015

Darwin would disagree with all this folly

The wannabe gods of our world see nothing tyrannical in mandating themselves the authors of the greatest moral piece of paper in our time- President Obama clearly doesn't have any idea what a moral victory really looks like, and that’s scary.
Canute was a very practical man but even he had trouble convincing his courtiers that he was not god . Its like the woolworths chairman said . "we are not short of ideas (Malcolm and Barrack ) just people to implement them  .

Back home, Malcolm Turnbull,  in his hyperbole,  has forgotten to check whether all the millions he is to spend in the Pacific are to put up sea barriers or to stop parts of the Kiribati ledges from sinking .  Darwin would not be impressed with Liberal science . Either way our leaders are seeing visions and dreaming dreams of a world that has very narrow walls and roofs ; no  context in real environmental realities .
These demigods clearly don’t see it that way , but what do they see ?  They start with fear and end, just  a short distance away,  by making people feel good about themselves.see the article this week of pictures from Kirabati -- they were too happy and many worry warriors couldn't cope!!

 If that vision is all that matters to  many,  the strange gathering is on sand.   Not the Christlike cutting sword of truth at Christmas ,  but a sucked in softie type of "peace speech for our time"

Fraser island earlier this year
Sand erosion , groundwater and soluble salts work their magic

 “ Deep drilling of atolls essentially confirmed Darwin’s hypothesis of thick, shallow-water limestone sequences deposited on subsiding  volcanic basement” Bruce Richmond'   United States Geological Survey  1993

Elements of the process of reef formation are a little controversial, but not the influence of gravity on steep rocks against a trench ; the weakness of a ledge
 Few presidents, despite their incompetence, would think it – let alone say it ( consider Lincoln )